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Revised October 2007

Details of service
Issues for prototyping

Prototype using FPGAs has long been used in this industry as one of ASIC design verification methods.
However, although FPGAs are an excellent technology, they are difficult to use for non-expert users, so they have tended to be avoided. Accverinos has acquired the necessary know-how for designing and using FPGA prototype system through the process of developing many products. With this know-how, we provide many types of support in order that the customer can implement verification in a production environment, which is the greatest merit of prototype systems.

RTL designed for ASICs does not operate at high speed on FPGA

To operate a prototype, which does not work in the same way as the actual application when the operation speed is reduced, at high speed, the prototyping board will not work without special FPGA knowledge to re-write the RTL and without knowledge of power supplies or high speed boards.

It cannot be guaranteed that the actual operation will be identical with that of the prototyping.
Work of verification of other parts increases, and reduction of TAT cannot be achieved
There is a very high risk that there is a problem in the board
Accverinos solve all these troubles


Development service

Accverinos provides the following supports and services.

Circuit design . . . using Verilog, VHDL, and C to provide the source code.
Customize . . . . base systems B-1 and B-10 can be modified in accordance with customer's requirements.
In addition, depending upon quantity, full-custom verification environment can be provided, from high level system design phase.

Various forms of support can be provided!
Using existing base
Fully customized
Circuit design service
Circuit design service + base customization


RF-IC verification solutions

Accverinos provides the effective verification environment for wireless communication applications
Examples of connection of RF-IC modules with FPGA modules· When developing RF-IC, integrated verification must be performed with the peripheral logic. In this case, a prototype system that connects to RF-IC at high speed is required.

· At Accverinos has a track record of providing high speed serial interface technologies. For developing RF-IC prototype system, we propose FPGA module containing baseband circuit and RF-IC module. Both modules can be connected with a high speed serial interface to be used with RF-IC verification.

Example of connection of RF-IC module and FPGA module


Integration of the C language design environment and the verification environment

We offer to seamlessly connect ASIC design by the C language and production verification

Catapult C Synthesis· For example, if the verification of signal processing algorithm is performed with an environment close to the production model, we can get more accuracy and the shorter development cycle.

· Accverinos provides interface libraries including DDR memory, USB and other devices for "Catapult C Synthesis" from Mentor. By using these libraries, DUT created with "Catapult C Synthesis" can be simply connected to device libraries on B-10 base system.

· With this service, hardware knowledge such as FPGA or memory devices becomes unnecessary as much as possible, and the verification close to the production model can be performed.

· For support other than for B-10, please feel free to inquire.


Mentor Graphics and Accverinos offer the high speed verification solution to system level development engineers.
In other words, engineers can immediately start their development.
We plan to provide such paltforms in which data from
Catapult can be seamlessly implemented to the Accverinos ® verification board which works at over 100MHz.
We will provide libraries for peripheral circuits with the operation guaranteed hardware.

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