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Revised October 2007

Base board B-10 with FPGA mounted (Stratix 2 version)
"New platform for verification that achieves 200MHz transmission speed between FPGAs".  In combination with the Accverinos (r) functional module M-10, ASIC verification up to a maximum of 2 million gates per set can be performed._
Equipped with USB 2.0, DDR (maximum 1GByte), PCI, and other I/F, by connecting several units large scale gate capability and a verification environment that was unachievable in the past can be provided._

- DDR memory module: 200-pin SO-DIMM PC3200 (200/400 MHz), 512 MB.
- On-board memory: PC3200 (200/400 MHz) DDR memory, 512 MB fast SRAM, 16 M-bits.
- FPGA: Altera Stratix II EP2S130F1508 (EP2S180F1508 may available).
- Interface: USB 2.0 and PCI.
- Accverinos series functional module can be mounted (Assured 200 MHz data transfer speed between B-10 and the functional module).
- Maximum 2M ASIC gate count circuit (when using EP2S180 and M-10 functional module).
- Flexible connectivity by using PCI board or custom interface board.
- Chain connectivity with multiple B-10 Base Systems.
- Total 780 user I/O (excluding memory interfaces).
- Gated-clock can be realized on B-10 Base System.
- Micro ATX chassis (easy to use).
- Sample FPGA circuit core-IP and PC base software.
- Sample software (Windows driver and application software) supplied as source code.

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Size (in mm): 244×244 (single board)

Function block diagram    

· UWSCSI connectors can be freely used by users.
· Accverinos functional modules can be mounted to CN1 - CN4.
· SRAM can be used as shared memory for the Accverinos function modules.
· Commercial PCI board can be connected to the PCI connectors.
· PCI-Express connectors can be used as user I/O.
· PLL provides unskewed CLK to Stratix II, Cyclone II, Accverinos functional modules. For each CLK system, gated clocks are available.

B-10 Function block diagram

Sample IP core    

· DDR memory controller
· High speed transmission circuit between FPGAs
· PLL control circuit


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