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Revised October 2007

Notes regarding the use of this site
Handling private information

Private information sent to this site by users is controlled appropriately within Accverinos, and is not used without permission.


Accverinos has endeavored to provide accurate and the latest information on this site. However, Accverinos does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of any display, advice, opinion, statement, or any other information on this site. The external appearance, specification, etc., of any product shown on this site may be changed without notice due to quality improvement.

Limitation on compensation for damage

Accverinos does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage incurred either directly or indirectly through use of this site.

About links

This site contains links to third party web sites. However, the content of these sites have not been endorsed or guaranteed, and Accverinos do not accept any responsibility for these sites. Also, it is possible that third party sites provide links to this site, or display the contents of Accverinos. However, Accverinos do not accept any responsibility for these.

Display of trademarks

The trademarks and logos displayed on this web site are the property of Accverinos or of other companies. It is forbidden to use these trademarks or logos without the written permission in advance of Accverinos or the other companies that own them. Accverinos and their logos are the registered trademarks in Japan of Accverinos.

Other items

The contents of this site may be changed or deleted without notice. Also, access, function, or service of this site may be partially or completely restricted.
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