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Revised October 2007

Image of future concepts
The Accverinos® answer

Accverinos will continue to provide systems to satisfy our customer's requirements.

Requirements for ASIC verification tools Specifically . . .
The Accverinos answer
High speed hardware
Circuit design using C language


High speed hardware

Higher speed verification of base boards
200MHz guarantee 300MHz guarantee Towards the GHz range
We provide high speed circuits to our customers.

· DDR, DDR2, XDR, and other memory control circuits
· Digital high vision input output circuits
· High speed serial interface circuits

These are provided as functional modules or IP Cores.


Standardization (mass distribution)

Once the circuit design has verified with the base system, Accverinos can provide copies of the Accverinos® board for the software/firmware verification and/or third parties that aim for mass distribution. We guarantee the hardware equivalency.


Circuit design using C language

Also compatible with design by the C language.For further details click here

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