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Revised October 2007

About Accverinos
For faster, more accurate system development
Accverinos®is a leading edge high speed ASIC design verification tool originating in Japan

With the increase in quantity and scale of data, there is demand for an ASIC verification platform capable of high accuracy and high speed processing.The Accverinos series of products realize high speed and superior stability while maintaining basic performance and functionality. They are indispensable verification tools for large scale ASIC development that can reduce TAT and development costs, and establish user's own system supplementing traditional verification environment.
Main features
  Stable high speed operation
High speed operation of the actual product
'200MHz' is guaranteed
  Flexible system configuration
Modules can be added to suit the purpose

High speed operation of signals between functional modules at 200Mbps guaranteed. Also, a large capacity high speed power supply is provided for each individual functional module, so for operation at frequencies 200MHz or less, apart from FPGA internal circuits it is possible to concentrate on verification of logic, without concentrating on the design.

* Tested with circuit switching 200Mbps transmission for 160 signals between FPGA modules simultaneously. This test circuit is included with the product as a sample.

The base system has a structure in which the necessary number of FPGA, memory, universal, and other modules can be mounted, so it can be flexibly adapted to a variety of systems.In one base system a maximum of 8 functional modules can be mounted.
  Can be broadly expanded
Can also be used for independent system design
  Disclosure of technical information
Disclosure of sample source code and internal information
  Because a removable module structure is adopted, it is possible to apply it in detail to interfaces with existing systems or boards, the development of customer's dedicated custom modules, etc.Also, the base board can be expanded, so it can be applied to larger scale circuits.   Almost all the technical information is disclosed, such as the high speed operation base system circuit diagram or memory controller source code, etc.Besides bringing out the performance of a system to the maximum extent, in custom design fine specifications can be arranged.  
  Simple debugging process
General purpose debugging tools can be used

The industry standard development and debugging tools are supported to allow user's work in familiar environment. Also, besides being possible to use for measuring signals between FPGA, terminals for monitoring signal waveforms are provided.

Example of applications that can be used
• Synplify Pro • Identify • Certify • Quartus II • ISE
• ChipScope Pro • and other synthesis tools
Observation of system wave form by directly connecting P6860, Mictor connectors
Examples of application
  Verification example for graphic controller   Verification example for HD-SDI basis image processing  

Used for the circuit design verification for high speed graphic controller, software and firmware.
Custom modules can be developed in a short period of time in accordance with customers requirements.

accverinos designed circuits for image input/output interfaces such as HD-SDI (Dual Link), SD-SDI, etc. So our customer could concentrate on the verification of the algorithm.
A product that conventionally required 6 months can be completed in about 2 months.
Example of verification of graphic controller

Example of verification of HD-SDI compatible image processing

Performance evaluation of the image processing capability with multiple CPUs


            evaluation of the image processing capability with multiple CPUs
reduced simulation time from 2 months to 5 minutes in the lab of a leading electronics company

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