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Revised October 2007


- Accverinos® VS-Board is the ideal prototype evaluation board for testing and prototype
development of ALTERA Stratix devices and XILINX Virtex-II devices.
- BGA devices can be directly mounted on the board, but it is also possible to mount a dedicated socket (S.E.R. Electronics), so it is possible to change the BGA, or consider subesquent uses.(the corresponding socket is fixed with screws)
- Compatible with download cable or configuration by SPROM.
- By simply providing 5V from the terminals, the necessary voltage is generated within the board by 3 terminal regulator, DC-DC converter, etc. (1.5V/1.8V/2.5V/3.3V/for reference voltage)
- Power supply voltage for VCC IO is divided among 8 blocks.
- Evaluation of CM68 and CM69A power supply is carried out by testing the toggle operation (company standard) at the same time as the I/O pins.

Stratix evaluation board

· CM69A
Stratix1S 1508 pin FBGA can be mounted.


Corresponding device

External dimensions :297.0mm × 210.0mm
: 14 layer IVH board
SER Electronics socket model No.: FC1508-S1 or S2

CM69A device mounting + adjacent components mounting + conduction check \298,000

Virtex II evaluation board

· CM68A
Virtex-II 1152 pin FBGA can be mounted.


Corresponding device
XC2V3000, XC2V4000, XC2V6000, XC2V8000

External dimensions : 230.0mm × 180.0mm
: 10 layer IVH board
SER Electronics socket model No.: FC1508-S1 or S2

CM68 device mounting + adjacent components mounting + conduction check \248,000

CM68 Notification regarding termination of sales

We have terminated sales of CM68, which has been popular with our customers for a long time.
This is due to depletion of the company's stock caused by discontinuation of some of the components.

Currently the next version of CM68 is undergoing development planning.
We are currently accepting orders from customers for this.

Available in stock.
Devices for 1 of them have already been mounted. Can be delivered immediately.

Sales of CM69A continue, so please also consider using it.

Consumption tax is not included in the above prices.This will be added separaely.
The above prices no not include the prices for FPGA and config ROM.
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